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Where we are committed to providing help, training, and information about intimacy during one of the most exciting times a couple can go through. The explanation of a new baby can be exciting and nerve racking at the same time. It can be a relief and stressful. With all these emotions twisting and turning, This period can lead to creating a strain on the very thing that got you to here…. INTAMACY!

Our First time Pregnant

Pregnacy is a moment in life that expands the boundaries of both women and men. To be honest, if you are approaching a relationship in a healthy manner, then you will understand the push and pull and give and receive that is necessary to grow together. Yet, the addition of your new child will push those limits even more starting the day you say or hear the infamous words… “We are pregnant!” I was excited and beyond happy myself. It came later in life as I was 43 years old and my partner was 39 years old. We were fairly new in our relationship but we knew that there was love and commitment between us. It was no accident, we wanted to be parents. As the bundle of love grew, so did our love for each other.

Doctor appointments, food restrictions, tummy aches, and emotions lead us through our new life. With this came one thing neither of us thought could happen…. decreased libido. It didn’t happen quickly. At first, we stayed on our routine, but as the stress built up the sex went down. That is when we came together and started to work out a solution. It was a general method of thinking and doing, communicating and acting. Cause what good is a family if you can’t benefit from all the perks??

We want to share what we learned

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Human beings are a range of things, yet nothing is more common between us all than our need for intimacy. Intimacy that comes not only through sex, but through communication, touch, mindfulness, and many more techniques we will share. Bringing a new born soul into this world should not only be stressful ( I believe that stress can be a motivator and helpful if viewed and handled in a healthy way), but a Loving and peaceful time as well. Managing the dichotomy of this existence is key.

We want to share the things we have learned with the world. Helping people work through issues that came up for us and might also come up for you in this wonderful time. It has brought my partner and my self closer together, and as we celebrate our baby girl we also celebrate a stronger union. A union we created through the same various method we will share. Adding on things we learn, because what good is knowledge is you can’t pass it on??

Our Goal

Tribe of Us LLC is committed to the community. Our slogan is “I am We, and we are all.” This is a saying borrowed from the Yoruba of ancient Nigeria, Ghana, and Benin in west Africa. What good is wealth is everyone around you is poor? What good is happiness if everyone around you is in misery? These are questions that motivate us at Tribe of Us LLC to share and help as much as possible. Bellylicious.siterubix.com is the first of many blog sites we run that is committed to healthy Soul, Mind, and Body.
As the saying goes ” the chain is only as strong as the link,” and the link we all share in this world starts on an individual level. If one person in the village suffers, the village suffers along with them. With all this said, as it pertains to your newly created family, If needs are not met then the whole family will suffer. So allow us to give our experience and knowledgeable research in the matter of intimacy during pregnancy! We at Tribe of Us LLC hope that it will bring couples together so they bring in their new souls to a life of love, happiness, and fulfillment!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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